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University of Cape Town, South Africa

My knowledge of IT has been invaluable in all my the careers I have chosen - As Voice Actors, we maintain and manage the equipment in our Home Studio. We record our audio, editing our auditions  and master broadcast audio to finished files.

My BCom degree and the experience being MD of an Independent TV Production Company fo 8 years, helps me to run my own Voice Acting business well.  My IT Major in Information Systems helped me in TV when I set up Primate Planet Productions' edit suites with tech suppliers, and ensured our IT infrastructure and footage workflow was optimised for each TV series. It also proved invaluable when I set up October Films' NY office - and specified and oversaw the installation of the communications and computer networks, as well as an edit suite.

1992 - 1994 - University of Cape Town

I so enjoyed my time at University, and completed a Bachelor of Commerce - major in Information Technology - Systems Analysis & Design.

My degree was filled with subjects like Accounts, Economics, Statistics, Tax, Managerial Accounts & Finance, Contract Law and Information Systems, which has served me so well in every career I've followed.

Louise McCance-Price attended the University of Cape Town, South Africa
University of Cape Town
Voice actor Louise McCance-Price was a member of RAG at UCTRAG
Lu was a UCT Gymnast

UCT is a beautiful university, nestled at the base of the mountain. When the ivy turns red, one should have started studying for exams! Not only was there a lot of work, but wonderful opportunities to serve in our less advantaged communities.


So, I joined committees on Remember and Give (RAG) to do humanitarian work, following on from Interact (Junior Rotary) at school. I also took up gymnastics - we had loads of fun competing against other universities and I met some amazing friends.

Springbok gymnastic coach Lawrence Flude now runs a very successful Branding and Marketing company called Fludium.

I highly recommend their innovative approach. Please email Lawrence or Clare, or get in touch via their website.


Mark Shuttleworth and I studied the same Information Systems Major and I was so privileged to be a part of the Canonical team in the early years of the creation of Ubuntu Linuxthe innovative Open Source operating system.

Mark is a philanthropist - please see The Shuttleworth Foundation for more information.

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