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Previous Careers
  • Career Four - Voice Acting (current)

  • Three - MD of a Television Production Company and Consultancy

  • Two - IT Project Management and Consultancy

  • One - Advertising and Marketing (below the line)

  • University - Bachelor of Commerce - Major in Informations Systems Analysis & Design 

Being a Voice Actor is a wonderful way to bring all my skills learnt in previous careers to the fore. I'm so grateful for the learning and opportunities I've had. Voice Actors are entrepreneurs - we need to market ourselves and advertise our services, and find our own clients. We manage our own legal contracts, NDAs, and we do our accounts. I'm a storyteller. Executive Producing TV shows has helped me self-direct and ensure the final product of my Voice Acting is both top quality, as well as engaging.

As Voice Actors, we maintain and manage the equipment in our Home Studio. We record our audio, editing our auditions  and master broadcast audio to finished files. My knowledge of IT has been invaluable in all my following careers - in TV when I set up Primate Planet Productions' edit suites with tech suppliers, and ensured our IT infrastructure and footage workflow was optimised for each TV series. It also proved invaluable when I set up October Films' NY office - and specified and oversaw the installation of the communications and computer networks, as well as an edit suite.

My BCom degree and the experience being MD of an Independent TV Production Company fo 8 years, helps me to run my own Voice Acting business well. 

Every job we've done, mistakes made and successes celebrated...all these experiences make us better Voice Actors. It's been a rollercoaster ride and I learn something new every day. "The state of mind which enables a man to do work of this kind... is akin to that of the religious worshipper or the lover; the daily effort comes from no deliberate intention or program, but straight from the heart.” - Albert Einstein

Louise McCance-Price - TV Production & Consultancy
Louise McCance-Price - Voice Actor worked in IT
Louise McCance-Price - Voice Actor worked in Advertising & Marketing
University of Cape Town, South Africa
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