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Riverside Radio was founded by BBC Broadcaster, Jason Rosam. Through dedication and hard work, RR can be heard on DAB and is focused on South West London, UK - the boroughs of Richmond, Wandsworth, Merton,  and Lambeth. Community Radio is a wonderful opportunity to volunteer, learn new skills, make new friends and become more confident as a public speaker and broadcaster....and contribute to your community. 

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Louise McCance-Price hosts  "The Fertile Mind" radio show on Riverside Radio

"The Fertile Mind" is a radio show taking the listener on a personal journey navigating the rollercoaster of IVF, exploring how fertility is inextricably linked with not only a healthy body, but a healthy mind and spirit...the body-mind connection which during the medically-focused IVF process is seldom touched upon, but is vital to our IFV success.


My show approaches wellness, fertility and IVF in an holistic way.  I have been on an IVF journey for 4 years and I wanted to give the subject more air time. It's a topic that's spoken about in online forums with shame and pain, and in order to achieve better results we need to share our triumphs, empathise with fellow IVF'ers, and help each other on the miraculous road of bringing new life into the world.


In the show, we talk about nutrition and supplements, how our mind and our thoughts are vital to the chemical balance in our bodies...and how to listen to our body. With our bodies in optimum health, and using medicine where appropriate, we can incorporate pioneering research and utilise holistic therapies to have a great impact on our overall health and fertility.


"The Fertile Mind" is interspersed with personal anecdotes and interviews with others walking the same path of IVF as well as those who are trying to fall pregnant naturally. I interview experts in their fields of Western and Eastern medicine, as well as therapists and healers using alternative modalities.


Through this show, I hope that by sharing my own personal story, others will be encouraged on their journey to realise their dream of being a parent, however that dream manifests.


Riverside Radio was founded by BBC Broadcaster, Jason Rosam, Director / Station ManagerIf you'd like Riverside Radio to do a local live event, or take out effective advertising on RR, please contact them on Advertising@riversideradio.com 

Louise McCance-Price & DJ Joey Ritchie doing Riverside Drive on Riverside Radio
DJ Joey Ritchie's Drive Time show
Louise McCance-Price Voice Actor newsreading for Riverside Radio