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International Voice Actor Louise McCance-Price's Studio Recording

It will be my pleasure to record your project in my professionally equipped Studiobricks Home Studio. It's snug, sounds wonderful and

when I step into the booth, it's where the creative juices start to flow and the magic happens!


I'm more than happy to travel to a studio of your choice in Central London. I'm based in Putney, Zone 2, London, so all I need is about an hour's notice. Traveling to a studio outside London if required, is no problem at all. 

My studio is available for hire in SW London. Please contact me for mutually convenient times and rates.

International Voice Actor Louise McCance-Price's Studio Operating Hours

I work flexible non-standard hours to facilitate my working with clients all over the world and produce broadcast-quality audio in

a quick turnaround service for my clients. If you've an urgent job, I will do my utmost to get it completed for you as soon as I possibly can. Long form narration - we'll define timescales together. Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your project - I'm at your service.

International Voice Actor Louise McCance-Price's Studiobricks Audiobooth
International Voice Actor Louise McCance-Price's Audio Equipment

Studiobricks produce wonderful audiobooths. I chose the triple-walled booth, which weighs approximately 650kgs, so I needed to invest in strengthening the joists of our floor to take the weight! I have augmented it with additional Vicoustic absorbtive panels and base traps, so it's beautifully quiet.

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International Voice Actor Louise McCance-Price's Skype or Zoom direction

You're absolutely welcome to dial in and direct the session - we'll organise a mutually convenient time and set it up.

Skype and Zoom don't have the capability to record a session, so I will send you the files once the recording session has been completed.  If you have Skype downloaded, please call me on my Skype name louisemccance-price or click

International Voice Actor Louise McCance-Price's Remote Studio Access

Once we've decided on the tone, pace and vocal delivery of the script, I will either record and send you completed files with a selection of takes...




​If you'd like to listen in on a session, direct it, or record the audio from your side, it's no problem at all. I will always do a backup recording, just to be on the safe side!

We can use Skype, Zoom or Source Connect Now or I will schedule a full  Source Connect session.

As voice actors with a home studio, we work remotely and 99% of the time without external direction.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it's never been more critical to be able to service our global clients based all around the world with a professional studio setup, to ensure you're able to conduct business as usual.

International Voice Actor Louise McCance-Price's studio

We can either do a Source Connect booked session for a studio fee, or we have Source-Connect Now.

This FREE-to-use recording software is ONLY available using the CHROME browser. The 256kbps Mono setting is recommended for best results.

  • I will invite you as a guest to the session.

  • You will receive an email link with the Source Connect Invitation.

  • It will contain a Guest passkey and a link to the session.

  • Either copy and past the URL in your Chrome browser and this window on the right will appear.


  • Type in your credentials and select select your recording bit rate Best / 256kbps / Mono on the right.

  • And click on the CONNECT button to activate our session.

  • Once connected, we can chat through anything else online.

For more information on how it works, download PDF of  the Source-Connect Quickstart  guide.

International Voice Actor Louise McCance-Price's Source Connect Now
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