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Louise McCance-Price - Voice Actor worked in IT

My Major for my Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Cape Town, was Information Systems - Analysis and Design. I had some really interesting jobs in IT and bringing this learning into my voice acting has been invaluable. It made sense for me to specialise in E-Learning for computer companies as I am very comfortable with the jargon of the industry, and spent many years writing Functional Specifications. I'd be delighted to use my previous skills for your project.

As a Voice Actor with our own Home Studio, we need to be tech savvy and comfortable with trouble shooting recording issues. Not only do we need to record  top class audio, we also need to edit our own work and make sure we deliver a broadcast quality audio product. I'm so grateful to have a background in information technology - it makes me a better Voice Actor.

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2004 - 2005 - IT Project Manager

Mark Shuttleworth (entrepreneur, first South African tourist in Space) and created a free Open Source operating system called Ubuntu, based on the Debian Linux distribution. Mark needed a Project Manager to help on a range of projects. I joined the Canonical Team (then only 33 people) and shared time with some of the most intelligent people I've ever had the privilege of working with, thanks to Mark. He is an incredible visionary and after fifteen years of dedicated effort (2020), he and his team have created Ubuntu, an operating system that is self sustainable and competes with Microsoft and the Apple OS - an incredible feat.

2001 - 2003 - IT Consultant and Project Manager

I was asked to visualise, specify and Project Manage the creation of a website for the British Education and Communications & Technology Agency (BECTA). The site was Becta's Independent (ICT) Procurement Advisory Service (Ipas) up in Derby, to help schools with their procurement of Information and Communications Technology. I also worked on specifying BECTA's IT hardware infrastructure and did some consulting on an Ofsted project. I consulted for InFront Solutions specifying an online Building solution called Repair-IT for Insurance Companies to validate potential building insurance claims.

1999 - 2001 - IT Product, Project and Programme Manager

I worked with Managing Director of Nettec PLC. Lee Barnes, in the Joint Venture and Incubator area of the company, to come up with creative solutions for businesses in the dot com era. My first task was to specify, and project manage the creation of an Internet Recruitment Solution for the web and JobMagnet was born. A marketing and sales team came on board and Price Waterhouse Coopers procured it as their online recruitment solution. Together with MD Lee Barnes, we created a JV with Mos Bros called Our Big Day, a wedding website bringing together multiple wedding-related companies in a wedding portal. I was Senior Project Manager on First Choice Holidays - specifying and designing how the user would navigate the user interface, and progress through the online hotel and flight booking system to purchase flights and holidays. I also wrote the Functional Specifications for the web and Digital Television solutions.

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